Welcome to Bonebank.eu

The initial brave idea of Bonebank was invented by Prof. Dr. Arndt Peter Schulz and Nils Reimers:

Recycling of stem cells in “waste” bone material in routine surgeries.

This website is to hold the idea togehter after a sucessful Interreg funding project

BoneBank” was intended to make it possible in future to obtain and utilize bone marrow stem cells from routine fracture-related operations. The German-Danish BoneBank project had to establish a biobank for bone marrow stem cells with a total volume of 2.3 million euros will be funded from September 2015 by the Interreg Deutschland-Danmark funding programme.

The declared goal was to the extraction of bone marrow stem cells as part of routine operations in the German and Danish trauma centres of Lübeck and Odense. Building on this, the establishment of a cross-border biobank for bone marrow stem cells was promoted. “The BoneBank project paves the way for new stem cell therapies with versatile applications, e.g. in cancer therapy or bone healing. In addition, BoneBank offers an important innovation platform for new medical products and therapies in regenerative medicine,” said Prof. Dr. Arndt Peter Schulz

Lead partner of the consortium was the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH) in Lübeck. Together with the project partners Universitätsklinikum Odense, Stryker Trauma GmbH, soventec GmbH and Life Science Nord Management GmbH, a comprehensive concept was developed last year. The project development was supported by the Kiel-based company DSN Connecting Knowledge.


  • Life Science Nord Management GmbH, Kiel
  • Næstved Klinikum, Abteilung für klinische Immunologie, Næstved
  • soventec GmbH, Klein Wittensee
  • Stryker Trauma GmbH, Schönkirchen/Kiel
  • Universitätsklinikum Odense
  • Universität zu Lübeck
    Interdisziplinäres Centrum für Biobanking-Lübeck (ICB-L) und Sektion für Translationale Chirurgische Onkologie & Biomaterialbanken (Klinik für Chirurgie, UKSH)
  • Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein, Campus Lübeck

If you have question concerning the project, please contact Kai Diercks (contact@soventec.de) from soventec (https://www.soventec.com)